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Have Fun on Public Roads without a Helmet!

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What is an X-kart?

■X-kart is a mini passenger car that can be operated with any regular driver's license

Registered under "mini car" category, X-Kart is equipped with all the safety law required components such as lights, turn signals and more, thus can be driven on regular roads.


The speed limit is same as the passengers' car - 60k/h, but the helmet is not necsessary.

Any casual driver can now get that racing feeling on any public road with Dosanko Kart!

X-Kart Specs

Model SMC X-kart 50
Size 2,080㎜×1,120㎜×700㎜
Weight 96kg
Colors Black, Red
Engine Air-cooled 2-cycle single-cylinder
Displacement 49.3㏄
Max output 3.1kw(4.15ps)/6,800rpm
Max torque 4.4Nm(0.45kg)/6,000rpm
Starter CDI Ignition, Self-starter inc.
Transmission CVT
Brakes Fron and Rear Drum brakes
Tank 4.4L
Max speed 60km


Salmon Park~Mirtillo~Ecorin Village

2,5 hrs~3,5 hrs

The roadside station Salmon Park Chitose has a variety of shops that sell local produce, and a cafe called MIRTILLO that sells authentic Italian gelato.

What is a better wa to take a break than enjoying a fresh gelato surrounded by Hokkaido nature?

You can also visit the nearby Erinko Village, a place famous for having around a thousand of various plants that bloom throughout the year.

The Green Farm is just around the corner and is home to alpacas and sheep that you can watch up close.

Palette Hills~Hakone Farm

2 hrs~3 hrs

Located in the middle of Higashioka as you exit Route 337 is the beautiful place called Palette Hills.
In the autumn, hundreds of sunflowers bloom and create a beautiful contrast with the blue sky. This is a great place to experience the remarkable beauty of Hokkaido nature.

Hokkaido Hakone Farm is a very spacious place famous for its all natural pesticide-free products. You can attend some daily classes and try making your own butter, cheese and sausages here!

Northern Horse Park~Lake Utonai

2 hrs~3 hrs

Northern Horse Park is a 50,000m square park where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities like horse riding, mini-gold and many more. The park is open throughout the year and offers winter activities as well. If you're not into sports, the beautiful flowers and plants in the park will surely satisfy any nature lover!

Lake Utonai
Facing Route number 35, not far from New Chitose Airport and Tomakomai Ferry Terminal, this place is very easy to access. The lake itself is a national wildlife sanctuary registered by Ramsar Convention, and is one of the best places to enjoy the richest kind of nature Hokkaido has to offer.

Moss Canyon~Lake Shikotsu-ko~Marukoma

3,5 hrs~4,5 hrs

The Moss Canyon (Koke no Domon) is one of the most popular spots near Lake Shikotsu-ko. The canyon is over 420 meters long and hosts about 30 different types of moss making it look covered in green velvet.

Lake Shikotsu-ko is a volcanic caldera lake. Not only is it the second deepest lake in Japan at 363meters, it is also quite vast taking up 40.3km. The lake is surrounded by 2 mountains which reflections make it a picture-perfect spot.

Marukomu is a lakeside Japanese ryokan established in 1915 that faces Lake Shikotsu-ko. This place is famous for it's fine seafood, and the fact that it only uses lake water to cook and prepare it.

Our Fees

Kart Rental Fees

1 hour
3 hours
6 hours
1 day

Rental costumes

Popular Character Costumes - Free!


<From Chitose IC>

From Chitose toll gate move southeast towards Mamachi Izumisawa Main Road

Take Mamachi Izumisawa Main Road/77 Route (Sapporo and Chitose Airport)

At Hommachi 2 (intersection) turn right and take Route 36

At Bibi(intersection) turn left and take Route 258

<From Chitoes East IC>

Take Central Hokkaido national highway/Route 337 and move south

Take New Chitose Airport/Route 337 (New Chitose Airport・Douken Renraku Road)

Follow Route 36

At Bibi(intersection) turn left and take Route 258

<From Tomakomai East IC>

Move towards Route 36

Take Route 36 and turn left

At Bibi(intersection) turn left and take Route 258


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